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Disclosing Wrongdoing in the Public Service of Canada


On Tuesday, the Integrity Commissioner reported on a case of wrongdoing at the RCMP as a result of whistleblowers coming forward.

Would you know where to turn and what to do if you saw wrongdoing in your workplace?

Wrongdoing could consist of:

  • a contravention of any federal or provincial law or regulation;
  • a misuse of public funds or a public asset;
  • a gross mismanagement in the public sector;
  • an act or omission that creates a significant and specific danger to the life, health or safety of people or the environment;
  • a serious breach of a code of conduct established under the Act; and
  • knowingly directing or counselling someone to commit a wrongdoing.

The Office of the Integrity Commissioner is there for employees if they think wrongdoing has been committed, investigates it, and protects employees if they are facing reprisal actions as a result of reporting it.

Reprisal actions could be:

  • disciplinary measures;
  • demotion;
  • termination of employment; and
  • any other measure that adversely affects their employment or working conditions, including threats to take these measures or directing another person to do so.

Download the full “five questions to ask yourself before making a protected disclosure of wrongdoing” guide here.


To find out about how you are protected, get answers on anonymity and more, click here.

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Download their brochure here.

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